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7 Ways To Use Your Headshot To Grow Your Business

7 Ways To Use Your Headshot To Grow Your Business

“I hear and I forget.
I see and I remember.
I do and I understand.”
– Confucius

Places You Need To Be Seen

Have you ever noticed that when you see a advertisement you see it over and over again, until one day you need that service or product, then what has been in front of you 100 times is the thing you purchase? You should use your headshot to make that happen for your business.

As entrepreneurs and business owners we need to constantly promote our businesses. There are many studies out there that statistically show that people remember what they see, more than what they read and hear.

Here are 7 ways to use your headshot to grow your business:


  1. In a Newsletter:
    This is my amazing client Justine Clay of Pitch Perfect Presentation. Notice how she uses her headshot to draw your attention into her newsletter and connect with her reader. Ways to use your headshot                                                                                                                                                                                                               2. In a Banner: Patti Green, of Healthy Living with Patti Green, a prominent Holistic and Health Coach, uses her headshot on everything she does for her business from the opening page of her website to banner ads for her programs.

Ways to use your headshot

3. On a Business Card: Notice how my client Christine Clifton’s business cards are memorable and unique. Christine makes sure        everyone that meets her remembers her and her business Mindful Business Matters.

Ways to use your headshot

4. On Promotional Material: Do you have a show or program that you run on a local, regional or national level? Judy Goss, the founder of Over 40 Females and the host of LA Talk Radio with her show What Women Want knows how to put her best face forward to attract listeners.


Ways to use your headshot

5.On an Opt-In Offer and E-Book: Are you publishing a book or have a great opt-in offer? No better place to have your photo to introuduse yourself to new potential clients. Here Angela Kantarellis of AK Organzing used her photo to promote her book as an opt-in offer.

Ways to use your headshot

6.  In a Magazine Article:  Are you ready for your close-up? Here Sonia Satra , an award wining motivation speaker, actress and founder of Moticise was ready with a great photo when she was featured in a recent magazine article.

Ways to use your headshot

7. In your  E-Mail Signature: Adding your photo to your email signature ensures that the person reading it will remember you and adds a personal touch. Connie Velez is a Stylist for J.Hilburn Men’s Clothing. When she is following up with clients she always wants to leave them with a smile.

ways to use your headshot

As you can see, there are unlimited ways to use your headshot for more than just your LinkedIn profile. Creating a personal brand for yourself and your company is a key strategy to grow your business.


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