Are You Ever Too Young Or Too Old?

Are You Ever Too Young Or Too Old?

Has this ever happened to you?
You are on your way to meet someone you have never met before and you go to look up the person’s profile on social media to find that there is no photo!

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Meeting in a public place and you don’t know what the person you are going to meet looks like?

This happened to me last week. It is the awkward feeling of walking into a place and asking every person that is sitting alone “are you so-and-so?.”

This stressed me out!

Good thing I have a photo on social media, my website and email signature so that I can be recognized.

In today’s world of on-line marketing and social media every business person must have a photo on social media. This person’s reasoning for not having a photo was, “I think I am too old.” Earlier that same week, I had someone tell me that she was afraid to put her photo on her profile because she was too young.

“Can you be too young or too old to have a photo on social media? “

The person who is concerned about being “too young” is afraid that she wouldn’t appear to have years of experience. That clients would not take her seriously.

The person who is concerned on being “too old” is afraid of being out-dated.

“It’s like when I am looking for a doctor, I want one with years of procedures under his/her belt so I feel comfortable that he/she has dealt with this situation a 100’s times before, yet on the other hand I want someone who is fresh, knows the latest technologies and methods.”

The answer is, we work with people we know, like and trust.

There are benefits to working with someone younger and someone older. But the most important thing is to “Photo-Up.”. By “Photo-Up”, I mean, have a photo on your site, profile, website.

Let your potential client see that you are proud of who you are today. Show them that you are confident, approachable and friendly. A great photo can open the door to amazing opportunities. Check out the before and after’s of my clients.

I am a NYC based photographer who specializes in photographing women over 40. If you need an image that will boost your confidence, brand awareness and self-awareness, I am the photographer for you!

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