Are you playing it safe?

Are you playing it safe?

April 5th is here! Are you in the game to win?

Do you know what Sunday April 5th is?

You probably think I am going to say something obvious like Easter Sunday. But you are wrong.

Sunday April 5th is the official Opening Day of Major League Baseball.

It got me thinking about the Ump’s and when they call “SAFE!!!” And what it means to be safe, or really what it means to “play it safe” when it comes to putting yourself out in the world. In a way, it’s almost like saying, not moving on, being stuck, staying small.


My mission is to make every women recognize her beauty and be confident.

During the photo shoot session, I give my clients the “permission” to reconnect with their felinity, beauty and power. Although I not a doctor in any sense, I will be bold enough to say that I believe that endorphins and serotonin are released and my clients mood completely changes due to the experience of the session.

Yet, upon seeing the images from her shoot, she has a tendency to shy away from the ones where she exudes feminine beauty and power and wants to play it “safe” and stay within her comfort zone. That’s OK. But I believe we grow and evolve when we step into our greatness.

It’s OK to be Beautiful. It’s OK to look Feminine. it’s OK to project Power.

Honestly, how can you afford not to?


Here is a perfect example. Janet Neal, Owner of the SuperbWoman, exudes femininity, beauty, power and just overall joy!

And don’t you just love her hair! If you are a “Silver Sister” and would like to attend Janet’s “Silver Sister Glitter Party” on May 15th, celebrating women who have gone au natural, please email j[email protected] for more details.

Are you playing it safe with your LOOK?

It's your time to bloom! Wardrobe styling, Beauty Makeover and Glamour Photo Shoot.

It’s your time to bloom! Wardrobe styling, Beauty Makeover and Glamour Photo Shoot.

I just recently took a 7-day beauty challenge myself. It was lead by Paula Lacombra from Argentina, and I failed miserably!!!!

My wardrobe is all black and grey, from my head down to my toes! How about you? Are you ready for a new look?

If so, we have extended our offer of a Spring Awakening to May 6th. Click here to register for your NEW LOOK.

Love, Be, Shine-



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