Gail and Rene's Wedding 3.1.13

I can’t compete with the 5 page love letter that Gail wrote to Rene and the Rabbi read at the ceremony but I will do my best!   Yes, 5 pages.. the Rabbi said that his inbox has still not recovered! But that is my friend Gail, attention to detail (did I just say that?) she can totally miss a bill board but when it came to her and Rene’s wedding everything was perfect..every detail.
Held in Palm Beach, Florida on the beach it was the perfect location for my friend who can sit in the sun for hours with her porcelain skin and no sun screen! Surrounded by family and friends from around the world it was a testament to their love. Gail is one of the most thoughtful and caring friends I have ever known and she definitely met her match (no pun intended) with Rene. They way the both care for and love their families is exceptional but it doesn’t stop there, they both treat their friends with the same love.
I wish them and their son Barkley (they think he is human) all the love in the world! Barry and I were so blessed to share this special occasion with you and hope to continue to do so for a lifetime!
I love you!

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