I'm Guilty: Part 1


Instructions: watch the above video first

Ok, I will be the first to admit that maybe I have an addiction problem to my iPhone and computer. There I said it. I am the person that I get annoyed at when walking down the busy streets of New York City, and someone in front of me just stops to write a text. I’m sorry. I will also admit that I use this “social media” to promote my business and keep in touch with old friends. In fact, I got the above link to this amazing video on Facebook from Sheryl Berks Grossman- my roommate from Freshman year at the University of Illinois- who if it weren’t for Facebook, I would not be in touch. So, is it so bad to be on “social media”? NO. But I also believe that everything should be done in moderation.

In the past year I started my business Peek Photography and after living in NYC for 20 + years was introduced to the world of “Social Networking” and it has changed my life. For the past 20+ years, I would go to work, see a friend or 2 for dinner and go home. Repeat. What I have come to discover is that there are so many Social…let me say that again.. SOCIAL Networking events going on simultaneously every day of the week. So I want to thank BNI,6-Figures, Red Elephant,Ruth Sherman,and many more for making me SOCIAL. Now it is my turn. So come out and network face to face at my upcoming event – a part of the “Ladies who Luxe” series hosted stylist Tania Sterl. Our event is on May 19th, at the Norwood Club in Chelsea. This first edition: Business to Beauty showcases how to Bring your Beauty to Life in both your business and personal lifestyles. Please register by clicking here .

Hope to see you all there!

Alyssa Peek

“Creating images that demand a second PEEK”



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