I’ve become my mother! Oh Yes!

I’ve become my mother! Oh Yes!

You know that day when you look into the mirror and see your mother staring back at you? It’s happened. A lot.

At first, it was her hazel eyes starring back at me..and then more and more of her. I will be the first to say, very proudly, that my mother is beautiful. She religiously takes care of herself by exercising daily, eating healthy and keeping to her tedious beauty regime that really all has to do with moisturizing. (It is a little embarrassing that when I go home for the holiday’s and the family goes to the gym..she takes about 4 classes and then does machines and she is over 70 years old and I can barely keep up!)

As the mother of 3 girls, she had a lot of hormones to deal with but I don’t think that was the issue of why sometimes we took her for granted. My father traveled a lot for business. He was in the Men’s Shoe Industry and traveled all over the world to visit factories. At one point we realized he was gone 1/4 of the year. So when he returned home our time with him was precious. The gifts didn’t hurt either:) But that left my mother to be the one to discipline us girls. “Make your bed”, “Do your homework”, “Clean the dishes”.. you get the drift.

But my mother is an incredible woman. She has sat on the Board of the Temple Sisterhood, The Rockford Memorial Hospital, , The Rockford Park District, The Women’s Art Board, Junior League and probably many more that just don’t come to mind.

When I was in 3rd grade, she started her own business out of the spare bedroom in our home. It then took over our basement and eventually moved to a warehouse and had 40 rep’s across the country. It was called “Initially You” – a clothing and accessory line that you could get personally monogrammed. I still have a turtleneck in my possession! Here is label..complete with Rockford, Il on it!


After selling that business, she then started a Promotional Products company called Samco, after her late father Sam. This is had for over 20 years and until she recently decides to retire. Here is is highlighted as a rising star http://www.newsonwomen.com/news_on_women/2010/03/norma-polcek-says-be-out-there-selling.html or here http://www.pjstar.com/article/20090924/News/309249868
When she had this business she would always be networking, running to this meeting and that meeting, driving 2 hours to Chicago every week for a WPO (Women’s President’s Organization) meeting.

My sister’s and I didn’t understand. Where was she going? What was she doing? What was networking? Like I said, I have become my mother!


Even now, in retirement, she doesn’t stop. She, along with the help of my late father, invented a comfortable insole for high heels and has 2 patents for her company “High Heeling”.

So now that I am an adult I have been on the Board of my Co- Op for over 10 years and have my own company, Peek Photography, As an owner of my own company am constantly networking. Going from meeting to meeting and in fact, going to be photographing the Directors of the same WPO next week!!! When recently talking with my mother, she said to me “I think you have become a better networker than me”… and the torch is passed!

Thank you MOM for teaching me how to be independent, stand tall and keep on going!!!

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