This is for you Dad.

Three years ago today my dad passed away. Three years goes by so quickly.. since then, I met my husband and got married. Sad to think the my Dad never go to meet my husband, or better- that my husband never got to meet my Dad. Either way, they would have loved each other. Time passes and unfortunately, you can’t get it back. Ever. No matter how good looking or rich you are, one thing is for sure, you can’t go backwards. So we have to appreciate what we have today, the loved ones we have today because you never know what tomorrow brings.

One thing I realized, is that after you die, everything you have ever touched or words you ever wrote are  looked at in a completely different way. To me there is BD (Before Dad) and  AD (After Dad). February 27, 2010 my world was rocked. As my family and I went through his belongings there then came this dire search to find every photograph that ever existed of him. There would be no more. As I went through photo albums and shoe boxes of photos what I wanted the most was any photo of the two of us together.   To my surprise, there weren’t that many.

I take with me today and always the gift of the love for photography that I got from my dad and

share it with the world.

Miss you Dad!

A photo found in one of those shoe boxes that just make me smile and gives me inspriation.

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