Transform your space.. transform yourself

I speak of transformations a lot. The before and after of a photo shoot session- that it is not only a transformation of before hair and makeup to after.. but the internal transformation that happens when my clients experience the full photo shoot process and finally relax and let their inner beauty shine through.

The same transformation occurs when you organize your space. Whether is it your office or your home, a well organized space is not only peaceful and calming, but you will be more productive. By transformation your space you can transform your life.

Extremely visual by nature, Smith Banfield, creator of Clear Space, takes the time to understand your stuff and simplifies how to create space and systems specifically for your lifestyle. Smith will not only help you beautify your space, she offers a fresh new perspective so you will love the home you are in.
In the visual arts for 20+ years, Smith has cultivated her design, color and photography skills into an industry where she uses her talents to help people feel more fulfilled by learning to live with less.
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Networking takes time and then surprises you with gifts! Like meeting up again with Smith at the recent LadyDrinks and Running with Heels event “Style to Lead” event held in September. It was at this event where I photographed Smith for her new professional photograph for her website and social media.

From Smith:

I heard Alyssa speak at an event about a year ago and was impressed with her portfolio. Being photographed has been in my “least favorite things to do” category for a long time. Alyssa made me feel comfortable and directed me well. I was blown away by the results. Alyssa gets the shot – I will not hesitate to recommend her or work with her again. I am so excited to have a new headshot that is professional and feels like the real me.

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