Why playing Hide and Seek can cost you millions.

When is the last time you played Hide and Seek?

Hide and Seek is the old and popular children’s game in which one person closes their eyes while the other hides and then has to go find them. So, I ask… WHEN IS THE LAST TIME YOU PLAYED “HIDE AND SEEK”? Well, if you don’t have a photograph on your website, LinkedIn profile, Facebook or other social media sites, then you are playing Hide and Seek. Think about it. No photo on your profile? How do you intended to be found? Did you know that, according to Forbes Magazine, a “seeker” will be 7 times more likely to view your profile if you have your picture on it. It is like putting a home on the market and not telling anyone. The article goes further to say that , When you leave a networking event with a handful business cards it is much easier to find that person’s profile on sites like LinkedIn if there is a photo that will remind you who they are. A missing photo can easily lead to missed connections.”

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