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How To Prepare For A New Headshot While On Vacation

How To Prepare For A New Headshot While On Vacation

It’s August, time when most people take their summer vacation.  Although we all need to take a break from our businesses we often feel guilty about it. Thinking that we don’t deserve a vacation when we are entrepreneurs who need to hit next months goals, but I have some great news for you!

Here are some tips of what you can do during your summer vacation to help you prepare for your new business headshot.


Wear Sunblock: While sitting at the pool or on the beach, make sure you wear sunblock. You don’t want to burn or have an uneven tan. Think about any tan lines that may show around your neck from a bathing suit strap, on your arm from wearing short sleeves or around your eyes from sunglasses. Here are some Summer Skin Tips from Dr. Sunanda Chugh http://anandmedicalspa.com/dr-chughs-summer-skin-tips/ 

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Decide What To Wear:  There is no better time than while on vacation to go through magazines and websites to find the look you want to wear. When thinking about your new photo and what you want it to say to your potential clients, it is important to think about your wardrobe. If you need extra help and want to work with a stylist to help your prepare, email me at [email protected] for my Preferred Stylist List to get a special discount code or check out this website: https://www.stitchfix.com

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Exercise: Take that long walk, bike ride, hike or swim. Summer is the perfect time to get into shape so you feel your best at your shoot. Check out Prevention and their article on The Essential Over 40 Workout. 

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Eat Healthy: Summer is the best time for fresh fruits and veggies! This makes eating right so much easier and fun. Check out your local farmer’s market or grocery store for all the yummy healthy options. Looking to learn more about healthy foods and cleanses? Check out http://highimpacthealth.com

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Plan Ahead- Book Your Shoot Now:  Scheduling your shoot in advance and putting it in your calendar relieves a lot of stress. Book now for September and then do all of the above tips and you will be ready to go!

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To set up your complementary consultation call email [email protected] or click here http://peekphotography.nyc/contact-us/ or call 917-254-3756. 


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