Be Courageous | Open your heart | Face your Fears

Be Courageous | Open your heart | Face your Fears

If you know me, you know I don’t like to go to the gym. But, I do enjoy yoga. One thing I love about yoga is the inspirational readings that the instructors at Yoga Shanti share during the class.

This morning’s class was all about courage and facing your fears. The application was to do a handstand. I tried, really tried but without my instructors help I could not do it myself. According to the instructor, Geoffery Nimmer, it is the fear of pushing your hips over your head that stops you from completing the pose. As he read “It is courage that makes you face the fear and an open heart that gives you that courage.”

According to the Abundance Tapestry website:

“Love and acceptance gives you the space for courage. You feel the fear but you are now able to muster enough strength to overcome your challenges. You realize that you have got vast potential. You discover who you are.”

If you are ready to open your heart, be courageous and face your fears but need a little help this is for you! On February 9th, Susan Chu of One Peace Sanctuary will have giving 1/2 hour Reiki Sessions where she will shift your vibrations to open our heart, Rebecca Casciano- Makeup Artist, Natural Beauty Expert and Wellness Coach, will be giving you a beauty makeover and I, Alyssa Peek of Peek Photography, will give you a chance to fall in love with yourself during your photo shoot.

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Space is limited so to take advantage of this amazing opportunity please register on Eventbrite here or contact me at [email protected] for more information.

Be courageous, be fearless, be love.



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