We all know the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”, change that to a million when you are the face of your brand. My company has recently undergone a face lift and I was looking for new photos that would reflect this change.I am so happy to have met and worked with Alyssa Peek. In her not only did I find an amazing photographer but a caring friend.

I was extremely nervous before my shoot but as soon as I walked into the studio her professional staff warmly greeted me and I instantly felt at ease. I’ll tell you getting your photos professionally taken is not the same as taking Instagram selfies. Alyssa made this new experience completely seamless directing me on just when to pop my hip out, smile and seduce her with my eyes. I felt beautiful and powerful which is conveyed in my photos.

As a wardrobe consultant it was imperative that I come across as warm, stylish and professional. Alyssa nailed it! I would definitely recommend her to anyone that is looking to take their personal brand to the next level.



Patricia “Trish” Higgins
Multi Channel & Global Specialty Retail Executive
The best photographer I have ever met. Alyssa makes you feel comfortable and goes beyond expectations. She even brought over some clothes that she thought would be nice in the photo. She brings her own fabulous make up artists too. I never felt so pampered and relaxed. My photos turned out beautifully but most important, they did not look airbrushed and boring. She spends the time needed to get the right shots. I think Alyssa is so talented and I have recommended her to many others. Thank you Alyssa!



Allyson F. Skinner
Challenging traditional financial thinking and changing lives through a strategic, organic process
I am so glad I went to Alyssa to have new professional pictures done. My old one barely looked like myself and was very “blah”. Alyssa is amazing. Professional, Intuitive, and Fun. She made me feel perfectly comfortable in front of the camera and it was difficult to choose a picture I “liked best”. I have not liked that many pictures of myself since my wedding proofs……. Thanks Alyssa!



Geri Mazur
Marketing coach ►Demystifying small business marketing
I met Alyssa at a networking event at a time when I happened to need new headshots. I was impressed with her work and asked her to do them. What can I say? They are absolutely fabulous. You can see one on my own LinkedIn profile. She made the process so much fun, knew how to get me to relax and enjoy myself and it really shows. She’s great.


Alison Pena
Principal Catalyst at Unit X: Sustainable World Expedition
I went to Alyssa for new professional photos for my affluence code consulting business and speaking engagements. The results went way beyond my expectations! I knew I would get good photos, that she had the skills, but I didn’t know how I would feel being ‘seen’ so truly.

The photo a friend took in the park were nice and I looked approachable but I would not have hired myself from that. Truthfully, it was embarrassing and I was not pursuing some opportunities because I didn’t feel good about that first impression. That photo no longer represented who I have become and how I am up-leveling the impact, influence and results my clients experience from working with me.

Hiring Alyssa to take my business photos meant owning all that publicly. I cried because I could see my professionalism, beauty and magnetism in the timeless images she took of me. It was a me I had never seen but looking at her photos, was undeniable. So I cried in wonder, with joy and am everlastingly grateful for Alyssa’s heart and expertise. Thank you.


Susan Chu
Holistic Intuitive Advisor, Feng Shui, Crystal Reiki
I can’t say enough good things about Alyssa. I saw the before and after pictures of Alyssa’s clients and I was blown away. I had to book her for my own pictures. She is an amazing person. She made me feel totally comfortable in front of a camera (and this is coming from someone who hates taking pictures). The pictures came out beyond my expectations. I love my pictures. I highly recommend Alyssa and her services. No one will ever be disappointed.


Jennifer Zwiebel
Founder & Chief Visionary at A Place of Joy

I LOVE MY NEW HEADSHOTS!!!! I knew I needed updated shots for, well, a few years, but it just wasn’t a priority, and I didn’t have someone I knew I could trust, and I figured my old headshot plus new selfies were good enough. And then I met Alyssa, and loved the idea of an in-and-out shoot that included hair and makeup in a fun relaxed atmosphere, and just went for it.

I’m so glad I did!! Having professional shots that absolutely capture my personality, my energy and my current brand feels amazing. I’ve gotten fabulous responses not only to the pictures but to the fact that they truly reflect the vision and feeling of my company today. In fact, when I went into my first meeting with my new web designer who’s building my rebranded website, I brought the headshot I wanted to use and said, “This is how I want my website to feel.” I’m building the site around the joy, color and energy of the headshot, and know it’s going to capture everything the picture does!

Alyssa is wonderful to work with, making you feel relaxed and comfortable, encouraging you to laugh and be yourself while taking the pictures. I actually didn’t have great hope for the shots because the last time I did this the photographer took over 400 shots and I literally only had one useable one. I froze up and had the most fake smile imaginable. When I got the shots back from Alyssa I couldn’t believe it! There were so many beautiful ones to choose from, and I love sending them out now to represent myself and my company. It’s great to have something to hold up that represents your vision for your work, and Alyssa captured mine perfectly.


Kathy Gelfand
Men’s & Women’s Personal Fashion Stylist
I highly recommend Alyssa. She is a gifted professional, passionate and excellent at photography. Relax is not part of my vocabulary, but she was able to get me to relax and capture great pictures! And then she made magic!



Marilyn Sygrove

President at Sygrove Associates Design Group Inc.
Alyssa has extraordinary vision and the tools and expertise to realize that vision from her photo shoots. I needed a professional head shot (the most difficult type of photography because we are all so self critical) that reflected my style, warmth, charisma and all of the ideals I wanted to exude. Alyssa was able to get me there so naturally. We talked about wardrobe, she coached me on my stance, my expression and got me relaxed enough to to become that professional I was aiming to portray. Alyssa has a unique way of instantly becoming your best friend who only wants the best for you. She was patient, kind and fun. It was an incredible experience! I actually came away with multiple shots – so much more than I expected. I cannot recommend Alyssa highly enough for any type of portraiture.


Margaretta Noonan
Founder, noonanWorks
I’ve recently had the good fortune to work with Alyssa on new professional photos. She was wonderful – fun to work with, technically adept and able to find a beauty in me that I didn’t see myself. She captured “me” in a way that I’m delighted to share with connections, prospects and clients. I would recommend her to anyone – but particularly to women “of a certain age” who..need to be reminded how beautiful we are!








Debra Angelitta
A New View, Coaching

Alyssa is beyond a talent photographer – she is seeking to find your story, and who you are. She has the amazing ability to pull that out of you and reflect it beautifully in pictures. Not only that, spending half the day with her is so relaxing and fun…if you’re in need of some great pics and a break from the day to day…Alyssa makes sure you are pampered with hair & make up..and she does the rest of the work! Brilliant!



Natalie Basiuk
Alyssa is a creative photographer who is also warm and personable. She put me at ease when taking pictures. She is highly skilled in her art and is also highly professional.