I’m Coming Out!

I’m Coming Out!

I’m coming out!
That’s right, I am revealing my soul to you. 
I always get asked, “which do you prefer, your portraits or your artwork?” and each time my answer is always the same. Each fills a different part of my soul. 

When I was a child, I was too tall and too thin. It was an awkward time for me and I felt invisible. Being called names like ‘string bean’ or ‘sticks’ made me feel inadequate and as I result I was very shy. Throughout high school I rarely got dates, I even had to ask someone to be my date for Senior Prom! I felt invisible. It took me years to overcome this feeling and I still work on overcoming it. But over the years I have seen women struggle with the way they look and I just want to say that I believe that every person is beautiful. No matter how tall or how short, how thin or not, it is the beauty inside each of us that I strive to capture in my clients.
This is why I love to take photographs of women, especially those over 40. I don’t want others to feel that for any reason they are not beautiful. Other women’s issues may be different, but I want them to love themselves just the way they are today. Perfect “with all their perfect imperfections” to quote John Legend.  The makeup artist on my shoots, always makes the comment that I am “the quietest photographer.” It’s true, I don’t like loud music on set because it not only distracts me, but because I need the shoot to be a conversation. I want to learn about you. “Who are you? Where did you grow up? Do you have kids? Tell me about your business.” I want to see the whole you.

When I look back at my gratitude lists from over the years, I see that yes, I am always grateful for my friends, family, health and the roof over my head, but I also always listed “my eye” as one of things for which I am grateful. “My eye” you ask? Yes. I have always believed that I see things in ways others may not. I have used this skill working in the Fashion Industry in the way a garment is fit on a model to and what I see in a blurry overexposed photograph.

It has been a dream of mine to create artwork and show it to the world. And so I have done it! It started with a friend asking me if I wanted to show my work in her store. I put up a few pieces along side other artists and I sold 3 pieces! I then went to the next store and asked them if they would show my work… they have sold over 10 pieces, and the next store and the next store.  And now, for the first time, I am showing my work in a solo show on March 2nd at Bene Rialto 13 West 38th Street in NYC from 6pm-8pm and I invite you to see the world they way I see it and see my dream come to life and help fill my soul!





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