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Ladies are you ready for your close up? ​Fall is a perfect time for transformation, a time for new beginnings and updating your overall look. After the relaxing days of summer, September feels energized and exciting. ​As an entrepreneur or executive, it’s the optimum time to refresh and recharge ​your business and your look. ​In social media, and on platforms like Linkedin and Facebook, it’s a proven fact that people make their first impression on how you look, so you might as well look your best in your online photos.

​T​he first place to start transformation is with yourself- both inside and out. Are you photos updated to represent who you are today? ​Your audience and your ​potential clients will appreciate ​who you are with new photos that communicates your personality, ​talent, as well as your inner and outer beauty. ​

1. Preserve your summer glow​

With less stress and makeup, our skin tends to improve during the summer months, but ​with proper skin care your summer look can remain fresh and vital for your upcoming photo shoot. I recommend GLOW WITH IT after sun lotion by Arbonne. Along with an entire skincare regimen.  It is also a great time to get a new profile photo taken before we go inside for the winter! For more information about Arbonne please contact me at [email protected]

​2. Update​ your wardrobe.

Leave it to the professionals. Let a wardrobe​ stylist help you with the essential fashion choices​ for your  ​beauty ​portrait. The right stylist can help you in choosing the right fit, fabrics and colors for your body type and skin tone.​ You may not need to invest in any new clothing, but perhaps a bit of tailoring will spice up your wardrobe nicely.  I work with a handful of different stylist.. each with their own personality and look. I would be more than happy to talk with you and introduce you to stylist that will fit your style and needs. Please contact me at

 3. Add Fitness and Nutrition to Your List

​If you want to be absolutely radiant and breathtaking in your photos, then add some fitness to your list. ​Exercise increases your sense of well being. Join a spin class, start jogging, or practice pilates or yoga, but most importantly create a schedule and stick to it. ​​​However, it’s not just about physical exercise; you need to focus on nutrition as well. Eat less meat, eat more colorful fruits and vegetables, as well as healthy grains, such as quinoa. For more information about a Detox  or Pilates classes please contact me at

Enjoy ​the remaining warm days ​and look forward to the new opportunities ahead!

As always your comments and thought are always welcomed.

-Love and much warmth, ​


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