Bring Beauty Into Your Business

As a woman business owner comes a lot of freedom. Freedom to be fully expressed and freedom to live your passion. When you are doing what you love when people meet you they will know it. It will shine right through and they will totally get that you love what you are doing. Your head shot should do the same. Now, let’s just be clear here.. I don’t like the word “head shot” but it seems to be the word everyone likes to use. I like to use ‘Branding Photos’ or ‘Beauty shots for Business”.

My client base is just like you. A ¬†woman over 40 years old who needs to put her image out into the world but she feels un-photogenic, don’ts feel comfortable in front of the camera, not at her ideal weight or have a few more fine lines than she would prefer. She has become the spokes person she hired for her business.

We all know that 80% of our time is spent marketing, whether it be networking in person or on-line via Facebook, LinkedIn, a website, Google + and the rest of the social media platforms. Then there is the business card, the event banner and the marketing materials.

Wouldn’t it be great if that spokesperson- YOU- had a fantastic photo that could be used¬†everywhere to that YOU CAN BE SEEN?

I promise you that I will coach you through the best poses for your figure, make your feel comfortable and let your beauty shine!



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